Community Magazine June 2015

W HEN WA S THE L A S T T I ME YOU HAD YOUR L I F E I N S URANCE PORT FOL I O REV I EWED ? D ON ’ T YOU TH I NK YOUR FAM I LY I S I MPORTANT ENOUGH ? C A LL A RE PRE S ENTAT I VE TODAY AT : 866-460-LIFE OR 212-560-46 18 . PEOPLE DON’T PLAN TO FAIL, THEY FAIL TO PLAN. Two Penn Plaza, 6th Floor, New York, NY 10121 212.560.4618 | 866.460.LIFE | *Metropolitan Life Insurance Company 200 Park Ave., NY, NY 10166. L0514375199[exp0615][NJ,NY] I N B U S I N E S S An Office of MetLife An Office of MetLife Hudson Wealth Advisors