Community Magazine February 2018

Catered affair for 50 people by Izzy’s Smokehouse Dinner for two, twice a month for a full year at 24 top rated restaurants Premium wine for every Shabbat for full year Shabbat Channuka at the extraordinary Arlington Hotel. Ski jackets for entire family. New book each week from ArtScroll for full year Private Helicopter, boat and horseback riding for Family $3500 flight & $2500 hotel allowance. Genius Pack Luggage. Beats headphones. Floral arrangement each Shabbat for full year Weekly treats for family from specialty businesses for full year A one-winner takes all auction with prizes that will give one family the year of a lifetime. S H A A R E S W E E P S T A K E S S H A A R E S W E E P S T A K E S S H A A R E S W E E P S T A K E S . C O M T O P U R C H A S E T I C K E T S V I S I T : 7 1 8 . 3 3 9 . 6 4 0 0