Community Magazine February 2018

Letters 14
Words of Rabbi Eli J. Mansour Money Matters 16
Living Emunah Never Say, “I Should Have” 26
A Natural Path to Remission? 28
New Tehillim Website Takes Off 38
Prayer at the Kotel – A Battle Over More than a Mechitza 40
The Trump White House – Year in Review 46
From The Files of The Bet Din I Thought I Paid 50
You Be The Judge! Lien On Me 51
Where was the Music? 54
Emulating Queen Esther’s Inner Strength 56
Sanctity of Jewish Cemeteries in Algeria in Danger 58
woman to woman 62
Positive Parenting 64
Healthy Homelife 66
Between Carpools 68
One Smart Cookie! 70
Getting to the Core of the Issue 72
Ask Jido 74
Home Is Where The Heart Is Follow us here for all your real estate tips and info 76
The Great Balancing Act 78
Mabrouk 80
Community Highlights 82
Peleh the Boy Wonder 90
The Lighter Side 92
Riddles 94
Classifi eds 96