Community Magazine March 2019

Bat Mitzvah Girl Caroline Palacci Celebrates with a Hesed Twist > Page 34 Volume XVIII Number 6 Adar I - Adar II 5779 March 2019 PURIM Unmasked When Preparing for Purim – Don’t Forget the Sunglasses! Rabbi Eli J. Mansour Fascinating Archeological Discoveries of the Royal Palace! DID QUEEN VASHTI really HAVE A TAIL? HALACHOT OF GIVING GIFTS ON PURIM DAY Special Purim Recipe by Adina Yaakov: Grilled Chicken, Pesto, & Sun-Dried Tomato Hamantashen! plus COMMUNITY OFF-PEAK MEGILLAH SCHEDULE Page 42 Count to Ten – Before You Send Ellen Geller Kamaras MSB Brooklyn Softball League is Generating Buzz in the Community