Community Magazine March 2019

Off-Peak Megillah Reading Schedule Purim Night Wednesday Evening, March 20 th Time Location 7:50 PM Bnai Yosef 7:50 PM Safra Synagogue, Aventura Florida 8:30 PM Bnai Yosef 8:45 PM Safra Synagogue, Aventura Florida 9:00 PM Cong. Yam HaTorah 9:00 PM Magen David Synagogue 9:00 PM Bnai Yosef 10:00 PM Bnai Yosef 11:00 PM Bnai Yosef Purim Day Thursday, March 21 st Time Location 9:00 AM Safra Synagogue, Aventura Florida 9:25 AM Magen David Synagogue 10:00 AM Bnai Yosef 10:30 AM Bnai Yosef 10:30 AM Safra Synagogue, Aventura Florida 11:00 AM Magen David Synagogue 11:00 AM Bnai Yosef 11:30 AM Bnai Yosef 12:00 PM Cong. Yam HaTorah 12:30 PM Safra Synagogue, Aventura Florida 12:30 PM Bnai Yosef 12:30 PM Bnai Yosef 1:30 PM Bnai Yosef 2:30 PM Bnai Yosef 3:30 PM Safra Synagogue, Aventura Florida 4:30 PM Bnai Yosef 5:30 PM Bnai Yosef 6:30 PM Bnai Yosef Locations Synagogue Address Bnai Yosef 1616 Ocean Pkwy Cong. Yam HaTorah 1573 East 10 th Street Magen David Synagogue 2130 McDonald Avenue Safra Synagogue – Florida 19275 Mystic Pointe Drive Aventura, Florida Laws Of Giving Gifts On Purim • The mitzvah of Mishloach Manot is fulfilled by sending two types of ready-to-eat foods to at least one friend. This mitzvah should be performed on Purim day itself. • There is a custom to send Mishloach Manot through a third person messenger, since the word mishloach is related to the word for messenger, shaliach . • The mitzvah of Matanot La'evyonim is fulfilled by giving money to at least two poor people on the day of Purim. The gift should at least equal the value of a fast-food meal. This is not a "family" obligation, but rather each person should perform the mitzvah themselves. • The money needn't be given directly to a poor person, but can be given to a community representative - as long as the money is actually distributed to the poor on Purim day. • Matanot La'evyonim is a special mitzvah, not to be included in the amount of money a person sets aside for charity during the rest of the year. • Rambam writes that it is inappropriate to buy expensive Mishloach Manot , if this will come at the expense of larger gifts to the poor. 42 Community Magazine